Drinking Real Tea In A Relaxing Asian Style Is Easier Than You Think. The Taste & Experience Will Blow You Away.

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About Tea Setter:

Tea Setter came about as a way to deliver amazing tea using brewing methods that not enough people know about. I started a love of tea many years ago, but was only introduced to basic teas. It wasn't until 5 years more that I began discovering the amazing varieties of tea that are out there.

In order to take full advantage of these great teas I discovered that many needed to be brewed with a multiple infusion or steeping technique that I was completely unaware of. I got my first gaiwan and joined a whole new world of experiencing tea. One that made me take 5-10 minutes out of my day to enjoy some delicious tea and I was better for it. The ritual of pouring the water, steeping for 10-30 seconds, pouring into a cup, and breathing in the aroma gave me a sense of calm and made me feel like I was not just tasting the tea, but experiencing it. The flavor was unlike anything I experienced before. I found the flavors in the varieties of Oolong and Pu-erh to be some of the best tasting and most complex I had experienced - like fine wine.

And so I now do my best to bring the experience to others in a straightforward, easy to adopt fashion. I have tasted hundreds of teas and have chosen the 10 best I have put into my mouth. I have put together a set of teaware that will make the process easy, enjoyable, and affordable. It is simplified in the best way. I encourage you to try some amazing tea and savor the experience. 


-Matt Kitchen
Founder of Tea Setter, LLC